Kathrin Faber

  • Deutsche Bahn AG/UIC, Security Platform
  • Security measures in stations - options and constraints
  • Security & Privacy
In 2009, after successful completion of her vocational training as an industrial clerk at the DB Sicherheit GmbH, the primary, internal security provider of the Deutsche Bahn AG, Mrs. Faber started to work as an operations employee in the same business unit. Her department was responsible for the security organisation in Germany, for certified quality management and for the security technology. At the beginning of the 2011, she started to work as a consultant, especially qualified for operational staff on the railway stations at the DB Station&Service AG. This department was responsible for the qualification standards of approx. 3500 employees, e. g. service staff, announcers, employees in the triple S-Centre (security, service and safety), as well as security managers. In the end of 2012, Mrs. Faber started to work as a consultant for regions and resources control at the Corporate Security Unit of the Deutsche Bahn AG. Her main activities were to manage and coordinate the interests of the regional corporate security offices and that furthermore involved managing the security budget for Germany, the security communication and awareness. Since March 2017, Mrs. Faber works as a senior advisor for the UIC Security Division. She is especially in charge of the topics Crisis Management and Resilience. On behalf of Mr. Gerd Neubeck, she will hold the presentation during the NextStation Conference. Since January 2016, Mr. Neubeck works as representative of the Deutsche Bahn Board of Infrastructure for European and international security issues. He is also the Chairman of UIC Security Platform since July 2016.