Javier Dahl

  • ADIF, Passenger Stations Directorate
  • New life for and old facility – Commuter trains concourse in Madrid-Chamartín
  • Smart Design
Javier Dahl, Architect, has been working for the past 24 years in Spanish Railways Infrastructure companies, where he has participated, and still does, in the design, construction and operation of every single High Speed Station in Spain. Nowadays his current position is as Technical Assistant Manager at ADIF-Passengers Station Directorate, where technical support to needs arising from station operation & management and commercial activities is given. He has also an active role in international projects, such as Haramain High speed Railway in Saudi Arabia. The objective of his office is to make the most out of stations in operation from a technical point of view giving response to passenger needs with economic sustainable criteria, and considering future operation & maintenance needs as a key station design feature