Byron Comati

  • VP of Corporate Planning
  • Solutions for integrated mobility
  • USA
Byron Comati is Vice President of Corporate Planning for Amtrak, with responsibilities for strategic, capital, Northeast Corridor infrastructure, national fleet planning, and service planning, in addition to managing the planning aspects of the Gateway Program in New Jersey and New York, and directing the many business and partnership relationships with the Northeast Corridor States, Departments of Transportation and commuter rail carriers, the Federal Railroad Administration and other agencies. He was formerly the Director of Strategic Planning for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), where he was responsible for SEPTA’s strategic, multimodal, long range planning efforts, and partnership ventures. Byron is a transit professional with 33 years of combined experience with the MBTA in Boston, SEPTA in Philadelphia and more recently, Amtrak. He has been involved in many policy and planning projects over the years, the development of long range plans as they relate to the future of rail service, and partnering and collaborative planning efforts with Cities, Departments of Transportation and other carriers. He is an urban geographer and business logistics specialist with degrees from the University of London, (U.K.) and the Pennsylvania State University (U.S.).