Arja Aalto

  • Finnish Transport Agency
  • Improving accessibility for visually impaired people with multimodal way-finding solutions at railway stations
  • Accessibility in the Information Age
Arja Aalto has very long experience of working in the transport sector, particularly with railway development as a focus.She has promoted the development of passenger traffic services in many railway projects, cooperation groups and transport system planning projects in Finland. She has also managed R&D studies and publication activities. It is important to have smooth ways of travelling and seamless travel chains as well as competitive infrastructure for the public transport use. Arja has worked at the Finnish Transport Agency since 2010 following her working years at the Finnish Rail Administration and the Finnish State Railways (now VR Group). Recently, she has been a project manager for the development program of Finnish railway stations including in particular accessibility audits and data collection of all stations, the definition of the service levelsfor stations of different size and prioritization of development actions. The development of stations and passenger traffic has also given Arja the opportunity for international cooperation with the railway organizations at the European level. She has studied geography, economics, communication and IT at the University of Helsinki.