Andreas Tabor

  • Dutch Railway (NS)
  • Combing smart measures on smart stations
  • Security & Privacy
Andreas (1985) started his career at the Royal Military Academy in the Netherlands. Andreas served for 10 years in the Royal Netherlands Army in several positions, varying from platoon commander to staff officer. During this period he has been deployed to Afghanistan (Uruzgan and Kunduz) and to the Dutch Caribbean (Curacao). In 2014 he transferred to the NS where he continued his passion for working in the public security domain . Andreas is nationally responsible for the NS Security Managers who operate from 5 different regions and have an integral responsibility regarding security; meaning security for the trains, stations and depots and the deployment of security guards. During the NS arson attacks in 2016 and early 2017 he was leading the internal investigation and filled the position of liaison to the investigative team of the National Police. Andreas has a bachelor degree and is specialized in operational security management. He lives in Rotterdam with his partner Linda.